At home in the destination - the Aladdin platform

Mobile and multilingual information, communication and services for tour guides, travellers and local SMEs

Alan Clarke / Christoph Altenhofen / Sandra Frings (Hrsg.)

This book sets out the results of the EU-funded project "Aladdin - Mobile Destination Management for SMEs", in the area of analysis and conceptual design of a mobile, multilingual system to support travel groups and individual travellers (tourists as well as business travellers) at travel destinations.

Existing challenges relating to the provision of appropriate and often up-to-date information to mobile users at the destination today are examined for both target groups: employees in tourism such as tour guides or tour organisers, and travellers.

The solution developed is discussed from different perspectives and the potential benefits of such a mobile support platform are presented in detail, focussing also on the aspect of multilingualism.

The chapters of the book have been written by international experts in different areas, such as tourism management and the development of mobile applications, leading to an in-depth insight into the challenges and opportunities of an appropriate IT solution for travel destinations at the beginning of the 21st century.